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A white label platform, that has your brand in focus.

Our solutions, your brand

New Revenue Stream


Sell digital assets directly from your website


Designed to match your brand. Customers purchase directly from a dedicated section of your website that conforms to your brand guidelines.

We make it easy

Frictionless without risk. Your transactions are covered for fraud and we support all payment methods like Visa, MasterCard and Apple Pay.

Utility driven

Designed for your customers to receive real world benefits. Include features like discounts, special offers, access to events and other great benefits.

Jeep Digital Asset
Customer Engagement


Offer digital assets that are free to your customers

Anyone, at any time

Our industry leading tool eDrop enables issuance of digital assets to anyone, at any time. Available through our web portal, or via API.

Engage in a new way

Connect using tomorrow’s technology. Engage your social media followers with contests or rewards where recipients get their own digital asset.


We make the recipient experience so easy, only an email is required. By not requiring a crypto wallet, all your customers can participate.

More than an image

All digital assets issued through eDrop can have real world utility added to further enhance the experience.

Product Authentication


Enhance your physical products with immutable proof of authenticity

With your customer always

Embed a digital asset via a QR code into your product to prove authenticity


Blockchain technology provides a chain of ownership, unlocking a clear record of your product’s history

Information back to your team

Gain new and important insights where previously impossible to capture.

Secure your product’s authenticity

Make imitation products obvious to customers.

Included with all ethos products is access to valuable features:

Multiverse portal

Digital assets aren’t just a passive way to engage with your customers – they can provide powerful insights. Our multiverse portal provides actionable feedback through detailed reports on your campaigns, analytics, and more.

NFT Digital Asset

Digital Asset Card

In real time, customers can save their digital asset to their Apple Wallet, transfer to an external wallet or to a friend, and review any benefits that may be associated with their digital asset.

Benefit Management

The real-world benefits you add to your digital assets make it more than an image. We are your partner and help you with benefit management.