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Working with leading brands to help them create amazing experiences for their customers.

The Hockey Hall of Fame is giving away the Greatness Calling book in the form of an NFT and is unveiling their Legends of Hockey in early 2023.
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Engaging with ethos to reward their customers as they cross thresholds for green behaviour. Future is utilizing eDrop to issue digital assets to their customers.
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Love Jules Leather focused on packing their digital asset offering full of utility that included first in line access to their new releases, a highly coveted perk for their often-sold-out goods. Additional utility included a discount on future purchases and gifted products.
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Saddleback Leather provided their loyal customers a digital asset representing enhanced membership to their loyalty club. This membership included serious utility: two $25 gift cards to give to friends, a bag valued at $300, Q&A with the founder, and more.
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Active Impact wanted an innovative way to provide a community minded gift during the holidays, they used eDrop to deliver digital assets representing important moments in the company’s history, and added unique utility to each digital asset.
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Utilizing Storefront, a digital twin of a limited-edition bike frame is sold. A collaboration between artist Bradley Harms and Chatper2 for a one-of-a-kind digital twin with special perks.
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