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Our Mission


Matias Marquez

Matias is the CEO of ethos. He is a second-time founder focused on accelerating the mass adoption of digital assets by creating rich experiences for brands and their customers.

Matias is the CEO of ethos. He is a second-time founder focused on accelerating the mass adoption of digital assets by creating rich experiences for brands and their customers.

Going back many years, I’ve spent a significant amount of time understanding blockchain technology and its potential benefits. I’ve also had the benefit of being heavily involved in technologies that have been used in various industries. Through all of this, I’ve come to the belief that if the world was modernized best for individuals, most things would be connected to a blockchain.

Who We Are

At ethos, we are a collection of individuals that are all individually impressive and all more capable than myself, and I am extremely fortunate to work alongside the team that we have. Most of us have come in with direct experience helping brands adopt new technologies and we all have a heartfelt passion for brands, specifically improving the relationships they hold with their customers. Together, we see a very clear connection between our passion and the opportunities afforded by digital assets and blockchain technology.

As a company, our mission is to accelerate the world’s mass adoption of digital assets by humanizing, simplifying, and facilitating rich experiences for brands and their customers.

We believe that our collective skillset, which ranges from helping consumer brands adopt things like websites, digital advertising, mobile apps, digital gift cards, and enterprise SaaS systems (all when they were budding new technologies), is our superpower to bring our important mission to life.

As individuals, when we think about our mission not only do we consider it an important vocation of our passions and skills but also something that leads to a greater good.

Beyond Us

As we see it, we have an important opportunity to bring more people into web3 by making it easy to access. For us, this means innovating to drive simplicity so that engaging with digital assets is an extremely easy, joyful, and a utility-filled experience.

As we help brands create lasting experiences for their customers and make this technology easy and intuitive for everyday users, we will help additional people join and benefit from the next iteration of the internet that is clearly ahead of us.

Think of the vast number of people who currently fall into the laggard category of this technology right now, and who is at risk of being left behind, this is important. If this space develops and only really benefits the ones who are good with technology, collectively we will not have fulfilled the promises being made by all the advocates of this upcoming era.

In Summary

With new technology comes an opportunity for deeper relationships between brands and their customers. Connecting brands with blockchain technology for the purposes of deeper customer loyalty and enhanced experiences is our purpose and passion at ethos.

At the core of what we aim to provide, in the pursuit of our mission, is: simplicity. Within this next chapter of the internet, it will be the simplicity we innovate forward in the spirit of great user experience that will help create an important on-ramp for many to benefit from - beyond us.

If you are interested in learning more about digital assets, have found any of this interesting or have any suggestions for us, please feel free to reach out.