ethos x Vayner3 Demo Day

Shaan Kooner

Shaan is the Community Manager at ethos. He has a passion for building community and has been interested in blockchain technology from an early age.

About Vayner3

Vayner3 is a Web3 consultancy that aims to “guide the world’s leading enterprises and intellectual property owners in the next iteration of consumer behavior”. Vayner3 is the Web3 arm of VaynerMedia, a company founded by Gary Vaynerchuk that provides social media strategy services to Fortune 500 companies. Vayner3 is a leader in Web3 thought leadership, and they’ve worked with a variety of brands such as Budweiser, PepsiCo, Diageo, and Coinbase.

We are so aware, at the macro, that Web3 is well on its way to becoming an incredibly important technology infrastructure for all of your businesses, but, we’re also aware...the internet was complicated in 1995, and the blockchain, the consumer blockchain, is complicated in 2022. And so, we take education extremely seriously here and we wanted to bring as much value as we could.

Our Participation At The Event

Our CEO, Matias Marquez, was invited to speak at the showcase. Matias’ presentation explained how brands can utilize our white label NFT platform to strengthen relationships with their customers. A defining factor about ethos is our focus on utility, such as adding discounts, air drops, early access, and special products within each NFT campaign.

This brand centric and utility driven approach makes ethos the chosen partner for brands who want to reward and grow their customer base.

We really believe in adding value into NFTs. We love projects that are beautifully designed and that type of stuff, but I think when brands offer NFTs there’s a big opportunity to add real utility.
Matias Marquez

If you want to learn more about who we are, check out the following video!

If you don’t have time to watch the entire presentation, we’ve put together a short TLDW below.


  • ethos provides a white label solution for brands who want to enter the NFT space.
  • At ethos, our goal is to help brands reach a new and diverse audience set, protect and expand brand IP, safely and securely participate in Web 3.0, and combine physical and digital experiences.  
  • ethos is led by a team of award-winning business, technology, and user-experience professionals, many of whom have extensive fintech and regulatory compliance experience.  
  • We take a utility-focused approach to NFT campaigns.
  • We are blockchain agnostic.
  • We believe that the NFT purchasing experience should be super inclusive, and we allow payments to be made via credit card, apple pay, and other non-crypto forms of payment.
  • Our NFT campaigns help brands reward loyal customers, enhance and develop their communities, and promote exclusive offerings. Our campaigns help enhance things that brands are already doing.
  • ethos offers front-end, backend, pre-drop, and payment support. We support you during each stage of your campaign.  
  • We work closely with several leading Web3 organizations, such as Dapper Labs.

The event featured an excellent presentation by Meta, which discussed the various ways that NFTs are being implemented within Instagram.

There are so many unique projects within the Web3 space, and this is a testament to the creative freedom that Web3 grants to builders and creators.

Some notable presentations included;


IYK, according to Christopher Young, is “bridging the digital and physical worlds by tokenizing physical items directly”. IYK transforms physical items into NFTs through the use of chips that are embedded within or attached onto the item. The chip acts as a proof of authenticity, a mechanism for ongoing rewards, and as an exclusive channel to distribute content. For more on IYK, check out their presentation at 18:06.

Christopher Young and Ryan Ouyang, the founders of IYK, presenting at Vayner3’s Web3 Demo Day.


Tafi is a monetizable 3D avatar creator that can be plugged into a wide variety of games and apps. They offer an avatar system software development kit (SDK) that allows developers to build, manage and monetize an avatar creation experience for users. In addition to offering an avatar system SDK, Tafi also creates avatar wearables for platforms such as AR emoji and Roblox. For more on Tafi, check out their presentation at 1:27:53.

Preston Woo, the CFO & Head of Strategy at Tafi, presenting at Vayner3’s Web3 Demo Day in typical Web3 fashion.


At the event, Meta outlined their plan to implement NFTs within the Instagram platform. Meta is taking a multi-chain, multi-wallet approach to implementing NFTs on Instagram, and they will soon be allowing users to share and post the digital collectables that they own. Users will have to connect their wallets to the Instagram platform, which will then read and recognize the NFTs in said users possession, and will ultimately allow them to post these digital assets to their Instagram profile. The implementation of NFTs on Instagram is a huge step that will help make Web3 a bit more mainstream, and at the very least, it will get NFTs and Web3 on the radar of hundreds of millions.

Ty Swarts, the product manager for Web3 and creators at Meta, showcasing Instagram’s upcoming NFT implementation.

All in all, Vayner3’s Web3 Demo Day was an exciting event that featured a wide variety of amazing Web3 projects. We at ethos were honored to be able to present alongside so many great companies, all of which that are working to develop the next iteration of the internet.

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