The NFT platform for brands

We are a white labeled NFT platform that enables your brand to enter Web 3 authentically and safely.

Through a guided process we partner with you to unlock existing IP, engage deeper with your loyal customers and drive new customer acquisition.

Successful NFT campaigns require meaningful utility, community engagement and a configurable platform. We are your trusted partner.

01. branded marketplace

Your brand, your experience, discreetly powered by ethos.

We are not a crowded marketplace, your digital assets will be displayed on your own individual site, wrapped in your brand, allowing you to control the end-to-end experience.

Under your control, you will be able to ensure utility and communicate with your customers throughout the entire lifecycle of your campaigns.

02. inclusive experience

Simple and intuitive, at all stages and for everyone.

We provide a frictionless end-to-end experience for your customers. Our platform supports all mainstream and relevant payment types including Visa, MasterCard, Apple Pay, Paypal and crypto currencies.

NFTs without introducing complexities. NFTs can be directly delivered to your customer’s own crypto wallet or have the platform hold it for them without a crypto wallet.

03. utility-driven

We are entering the next stage of NFTs.

And there is more to NFTs than design. Smart contracts allow your brand to add usefulness and important utility to each item that is minted.

Our platform supports value adding features including membership, loyalty, attendance, discounts, content, and airdrops.

04. future focused

Web3 will be the foundation of commerce over the next few decades.

We are focused on the long run and our approach is targeted towards brand legacy, community engagement, key moments, and utility in an ecosystem that supports both physical and digital experiences.

Together, we will introduce your brand to NFT’s and develop deeper engagements with your most loyal customers.

05. secure & scalable

We check the boxes for your information security team.

Meeting security requirements head on. We are the NFT platform that satisfies the most stringent compliance policies.

We utilize proven blockchain protocols and enterprise level infrastructure that scales alongside your most ambitious campaigns.

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